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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Minor

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The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Minor is a series of courses specifically designed to prepare teachers and other professionals to work with the growing population of multilingual learners (MLs). The program also prepares students from a variety of disciplines to teach and work with MLs in national and international settings. The program addresses curriculum and assessment, the structure of language, pedagogy, and cultural contexts.  

Track A is designed for students enrolled in an education major. It is meant to demonstrate that students have additional knowledge and skills regarding MLs and their families to enhance their primary endorsement in ECH preK-3, Elementary K-6, Secondary 6-12, and World Languages. Upon successful completion of the minor, these majors can apply to the state for the English for Speakers of Other Languages Endorsement (ESOL: 660), after obtaining certification in their primary endorsement area. Special Education (K-8, 7-12), Early Childhood Special Education (B-5), and Early Childhood Birth-K majors require additional courses to obtain ESOL certification.

Track B is open to all majors. The content provides knowledge and skills that prepare completers to support MLs in a variety of settings and occupations.  

This minor also prepares students interested in national and international opportunities such as Fulbright, Peace Corps, an international teaching, and graduate degrees in TOEFL/TESL.

Total Credits for the Minor: 15

A minimum of one-third of the required credits must be earned at UMF for a minor to be awarded.

TRACK A - ESOL Minor for Education Majors

15 Core Credits:

1 Field Experience:

One advisor-approved field placement, practicum, or student teaching assignment in a linguistically diverse classroom (usually an integral part of required coursework).

TRACK B - Minor for non-Education Majors: ESOL Minor

3 Diversity Credits:

One advisor-approved elective course designed to cultivate global competency, such as from Anthropology, International Global Studies, Political Science, History, etc.

1 Field Experience:

One advisor-approved field placement, practicum, or internship, or study abroad in a linguistically and/or culturally diverse setting (can be an integral part of required coursework).

Additional Requirements

Education Majors also need 3 credits in Diversity in order to apply for ESOL certification. They meet the requirement by taking EDU 285  Diversity Issues in Education (3 credits), ECH 200  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices and Principles in Early Childhood Settings (3 credits), or ECH 402  Diverse Programming in Early Childhood Environments (3 credits).

Learning Goals

  • Students will deepen their knowledge of the structure of the English language in order to better teach it to Multilingual learners (MLs);
  • Students will learn about theories and practices for creating learning environments that support the linguistic, cultural, and social diversity of MLs;
  • Students will create, evaluate and apply culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy;
  • Students will learn approaches, methods, and techniques for fostering and assessing MLs’ skills development (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in  English.

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