May 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog


University Administration

President Joseph McDonnell
         Vice President for Student Affairs Christine Wilson
         Chief Business Officer Laurie Gardner
          Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management/Director of Admissions Lisa Ellrich
          Associate Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education Erin Connor
          Provost and Dean of the College of Education, Health, and Rehabilitation Katherine Yardley
                    Education, Chair Patricia Williams
                             Health Coordinator Alireza Geshnizjani
                             Rehabilitation Coordinator Karen Barrett
                             Special Education Coordinator Kathryn Wills
          Provost and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Steven Quackenbush
                    Arts and Humanities, Chair Jeff Thomson
                    Social Science and Business, Chair Wendy Harper
                    STEM: Natural Sciences, Math/Computer Science, and Psychology, Chair Christopher Magri

Other Academic Areas:


Advising, Director Anastasia Lima
Assistant Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment J. Ashley Montgomery
Associate Dean for Experiential and Global Education Linda Beck
Coordinator of First-Year Experience Connor Fayeh
Early College Experience/CPL Credit For Prior Learning Kirsten Petroska 
Honors Program Kristen Case/Misty Kreuger
TRIO Johnson Scholars Program Lynn Ploof-Davis/Ashlee Fecteau



Directors and Administrators

Director of Disability Services

Administrative Systems                                                                          Betsy Hill
Athletics Jamie Beaudoin
Disability Services Patrick Kelley
Facilities Management Keenan Farwell
Finance Kathleen Falco
Financial Aid Jennifer Hutchinson
Fitness & Recreation Center Alison Thayer/Jennifer Pageot
Housing & Residential Life Brian Ufford
Human Resources Barbara McKeen
Internship Coordinator Austin French
Mantor Library Bryce Cundick
Mental Health & Counseling Services Sarah Carnahan
Merrill Center for Student Services Deborah Moody
Public Safety Brock Canton
Registrar Carla DeGraw
Student Health Center Shelley Hickey
University Store Ernestine Hutchinson


Fall 2023

Sheena Bunnell (1/2 time)

Cara Furman

Peter Hardy

Melissa Thompson

Spring 2024

Sheena Bunnell (1/2 time)

Cara Furman

Peter Hardy


Board of Trustees, University of Maine System

Pender Makin
Barbara R. Alexander
Emily A. Cain
Beth Dobson
Lisa Marchese Eames, Board Vice Chair
Patrick S. A. Flood
Roger J. Katz
Donna M. Loring
David M. MacMahon
Kelly A. Martin
Michael H. Michaud
Patricia (Trish) A. Riley, Board Chair
Dhivya Singaram

University of Maine System, Officers of Administration

Dannel P. Malloy Chancellor
Ryan Low Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Treasurer
David Demers Chief Information Officer
Kim-Marie Jenkins Director of Organizational Effectiveness
Rosa Redonnett Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Credential Attainment
Samantha Warren Director of Government and Community Relations
Joan Ferrini-Mundy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Pres, of UM and UMM
Jeffrey St. John Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs
Carolyn Dorsey Acting Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives
Ellen Doughty Clerk of the Board 
Rowana A. Clukey Executive Director of the Chancellor’s Office
Paul Chan General Counsel
Tory Ryden Senior Advisor and Director of External Affairs
Gretchen Catlin Chief Facilities & General Services Officer

UMF Board of Visitors 

Jennifer Bjorn
Vyron “Buzz” Davis
Jennifer Dorman ‘93
Thomas Dukes ‘90
Steve Hewins, Vice Chair
Mattie Jernigan ‘19
Jason Judd ‘05
Peter Osborne ‘09, Chair
Theresa Overall
Greg Patterson 
Shawn Roderick ‘06
Barbara Sergio
John Slack
Timothy Thompson
Cathryn Wimett, Gold LEAF