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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creative Writing, Certificate

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The Creative Writing Certificate offers students the opportunity to work in an intensive format with faculty who are practicing writers in workshop-style classes to discover and develop their writing strengths in the genres of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Small classes, an emphasis on individual conferencing, and the development of a writing portfolio allow students to see themselves as artists and refine their writing. Students may opt for a one-semester program or a more advanced one-year program.


Baccalaureate/Post-Baccalaureate Certificate:

One semester program:

  • Two 200-level CWR classes Credits: 8
  • One 200-level and one 300-level CWR class Credits: 4
  • One Contemporary literature course Credits: 4
  • One course in Editing or Publishing Credits: 4

Total 16 Credits

One-year Program:

 (“Advanced Certificate”)

  • Three 200-level CWR classes. Credits: 12
  • Two Advanced classes: 310 and 311 (or other 300-level if they’re prepared) Credits: 8
  • One Contemporary literature Credits: 4
  • One course in Editing or Publishing Credits: 4
  • One open elective Credits: 4

Total 32 Credits

Portfolio of Writings

Post-Baccalaureate students will develop a portfolio of writings for applying to graduate schools.

Learning Goals

Students will spend a semester or a year in focused developing their writing skills-in multiple possible genres.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria will be the same as used with BFA majors and minors. Student writing will be assessed primarily through portfolio grading and workshop critique of work produced for the class. Literature courses will be assessed primarily through analytical essays and additional methods (as chosen by faculty.)

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